Clarify your values

“The best way to determine the Values you will enforce in your business is to clarify your personal values.”

Doris P. Johnson

What do you value?

What are those things in your life that are absolute deal-breakers? Those things that it doesn’t matter how much money you make, you will never cross the line for?

I took myself through an exercise of defining what values are most important to me. What are the things that I value as a leader? Here is my list:

  1. Trust
  2. Integrity
  3. Growth
  4. Courage
  5. Creativity
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These are in no particular order of importance. They all have their weight equally. These are qualities that I desire in whomever I am under the leadership of.

The question that I asked myself and I continue to ask myself is : “Do I live these values out each day?”

I know that as I continue to dig deeper into my own growth, I will answer with full integrity a solid ‘YES!’ to each of these values. I do not want to live with a ‘I think so’ or ‘I would like to think that…’

I want to have such clarity about myself and my life that I can continue to create a positive and safe growth environment for all who come into my space.

More importantly, as I contribute to my community I want who I am to shine so bright it draws others who want to be a bright and shining light too.

I know that it can happen.

Published by Desiree Foster-Collins

I'm a Mom, Founder and Digital Creative with a passion for helping others learn and grow. Affectionately known as ‘Coach Dezi- the #CreativeTechWhisperer’ I help later in life new entrepreneurs feel confident about learning tech systems. I lead EBD Collective, LLC a Leadership Coaching & Consulting firm helping Small Businesses build process, people, and technology systems and design their success... their way. Our purpose is simple "Growing Businesses. Changing Lives."

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