Begin Here Now

Who you are is how you lead.

Leaders may see compassion as an inconvenient necessity, but for Jesus, compassion was embedded in His character.

I care.

And there have been times when caring has cost me too much.

When caring too much caused pain, I pulled back.

A constant tug of war of trying to be who I was created to be and not be that person feeling like I was taken advantage of.

Then one day the blinders came off.

And I saw that what I considered a great weakness

Was my greatest strength.

So today I choose to walk in that strength and live my passion.

Real leadership starts by realizing whose you are and who you are. The GREATEST form of leadership is Self-Leadership.

This mindset shift will not only change you, but transform your relationships as well.

Begin here NOW!

Published by Desiree Foster-Collins

I'm a Mom, Founder and Digital Creative with a passion for helping others learn and grow. Affectionately known as ‘Coach Dezi- the #CreativeTechWhisperer’ I help later in life new entrepreneurs feel confident about learning tech systems. I lead EBD Collective, LLC a Leadership Coaching & Consulting firm helping Small Businesses build process, people, and technology systems and design their success... their way. Our purpose is simple "Growing Businesses. Changing Lives."

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