“Nine Zero’s”

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What would your team look like if you had 80% of the people 100% invested in the vision of the business?

What would the morale feel like?

What would the environment be like?

What does a highly engage, fully invested team member produce?

I’m currently enrolled in a certification program with Harvard where I am learning more about the current state of leadership in today’s workplace. The information is fascinating.

Without diving into all of the geeky stuff that I love to learn about people development, I want to get right to the point:

An unhappy employee or team member is an expensive investment.

According to Gallup, it is estimated that 20% of employees act out their discontent in very counterproductive ways and when averaged, this negative behavior can cost the US economy around half a trillion dollars each year.

That is $500,000,000,000.00…. $500 with NINE ZEROS!

This doesn’t just apply to large corporations. As a matter of fact, small businesses cannot afford to have disgruntled or unhappy employees. The costs are too high.

Over the next several blogs I’m going to dive into an approach that will help corporate and small business leaders unleash the untapped talent in their organization, quickly and cost-effectively.

Here are some questions to start with:

Do your people buy into your leadership?

Do your people value your leadership?

Are your team members hungry to become better? Do you know?

Are you hungry to become a better connector?

I don’t believe that any manager, supervisor or business owner out there aims to be a poor leader.

Yet there are so many that do not yet understand the payoff value of valuing people.

If you are not actively placing yourself and your employees in a space of development, you are actively depreciating the long term value of your company.

The question is : “In the age of COVID-19, social unrest, remote working and the great resignation, what will you NOW do differently? What costs are you willing to pay?”

Nine zeros. Can you afford not to?

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