The Dream Hasn’t Been Fulfilled…Yet

Today I write because quite frankly, I’m pist.

Now before all of the goodness filled professionals come and bark at me to “get it together” let me push pause on you before you approach me.

I’m not that great of a storyteller and when my frame of mind is not in its best position…. I have to physically create.

Sometimes that creation is in writing. Other times it’s in graphic and program designing.

Some days it’s in colorful language that I can trust with only a few of my confidants.

I find myself having to process things through my creativity. This is my practice of self-care.

Today I write.

I guess it’s an age old argument that as a first generation African American of Caribbean and Hispanic decent, there should be certain default expectations that I have of Corporate America.

It wasn’t built for “us.”

‘You need to show up as a “strong black woman.”

“Never let them see you as weak. Manage your emotions. Don’t be that angry black women and play into the narrative.”

“Just keep your head down and fly under the radar.”

“Black women can more easily navigate the corporate matrix then black men so consider yourself “lucky” to be in the position you are in. Don’t screw it up!”

“Don’t cause a stir cause you know what happened to that last batch of folks.”

“Girl, you know how this game works. You need to play the game. And if you don’t know how… LEARN!”

I could go on but to spare the ignorant and the innocent, I won’t.

I also have not been “that one” who is radically on the other side of coin where the idea of “the man” is trying to keep me down either.

My perspective is my own.

I think for myself using every facet and wisdom that God has given me.

I see the foolish, selfish lack luster leadership in so many industries. From the pulpit to the pew, the cubicle to the corner office and all placed in between.

Where there is an intent but reality doesn’t quite measure up and singing “We shall overcome” feels more like the day of the week that doesn’t even exist on the calendar: SOMEDAY.

Yet… we still sing the song… hoping that one day the dream speech that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shared would come true.


There is a lack. The lack of values-based, people- focused servant leadership. The lack of focus on people and it makes me angry .

It really, to be honest, pisses me off.

We can do better. It starts with YOU and I.

One thing’s for certain and two things are for sure:

1) Today is the best time to do something.

2) I will take action to make that difference starting now.

The dream hasn’t been fulfilled yet… but you can best believe I’m going to do my part.

Will you?

-Coach Dezi

Published by Desiree Foster-Collins

I'm a Mom, Founder and Digital Creative with a passion for helping others learn and grow. Affectionately known as ‘Coach Dezi- the #CreativeTechWhisperer’ I help later in life new entrepreneurs feel confident about learning tech systems. I lead EBD Collective, LLC a Leadership Coaching & Consulting firm helping Small Businesses build process, people, and technology systems and design their success... their way. Our purpose is simple "Growing Businesses. Changing Lives."

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