Ants Pillars and Vegan Food

I woke up the other day from a dream about ants 🐜.

I don’t like bugs.

I know that they all have a purpose on our beautiful planet, BUT I don’t like bugs.

Truth be told, I don’t like to have dreams either.

You can imagine my annoyance in my dream.

This dream was after battling with insomnia until 4:30ish this morning.

I decided to look up what it’s means when you dream about ants.

Ants symbolize “hard work” and “perseverance.” To dream about them supposes that there is a work annoyance or motivation that a person is experiencing.

As I thought about the meaning and what I have been going through the past several months, this dream took on a new meaning for me.

When I dream it always has a deeper meaning. I decided to dive deeper into the message of the ants.

As I am closing in on my next birthday milestone, I often ask myself “What do you want, Desiree?”

I asked myself “Am I going through work frustration, motivation, or a combination of something else altogether?

There are so many exciting things that are happening in my professional career and in my business.

I have dabbled as an entrepreneur since I was 18 years old.

It wasn’t until I turned 40 and major life crisis’ entered my life that I decided to really pursue it passionately.

Nothing in my path of business ownership except time, growth and change could prepare me for the opportunities I now have.

What I realized is that I have been experiencing a major transition in clarity of purpose and aligning the work I do.

I found that I’m not alone. Many GenX feel the same way.

As I think back to my internal fire, always wanting to be something more for my life, I wonder what I’d do if I experienced what the graduating Class of 2022 of Clark Atlanta University received at their commencement.

I recently learned about what Pinky Cole, Founder of SluttyVegan ATL gifted the 2022 graduating class of Clark-Atlanta University with their own LLC as a graduation gift.

Pinky Cole, Founder of Slutty Vegan

Each young adult is now a business owner. That excites me.

These young people will be able to use their business IF THEY CHOOSE to build a legacy. Starting now.

I believe many will.

As I was scrolling thru Facebook™️ just a few minutes ago, I saw this video from Dr. Dennis Kimbro and I got fired up again.

He talked about the three pillars of entrepreneurial success.

-Unique Ability

That’s what required for YOU and I to be SUCCESSFUL business owners.

Yes, there are other fine details we need to have in place, however….

Our inability to have these 🔝 3️⃣ will limit us greatly.

Watch the video. Great depth to why these are important.

Dr. Dennis Kimbro

Click here to watch video:

What are you doing daily to work on your top three? You gotta do something.

A parked car goes nowhere 😣

You can choose to see obstacles or opportunities.

Opportunities are all around. See them!

Congratulations Class of 2022!

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