“Excellence is progress over perfection and success is achieved in inches, not miles. You are by design.”

-Desiree Foster-Collins
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The lessons we don’t learn, we repeat. When we don’t understand our true value and identity, they are harder. We have more to lose.

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The Dream Hasn’t Been Fulfilled…Yet

Today I write because quite frankly, I’m pist. Now before all of the goodness filled professionals come and bark at me to “get it together” let me push pause on you before you approach me. I’m not that great of a storyteller and when my frame of mind is not in its best position…. I…

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“Nine Zero’s”

If you are not actively placing yourself and your employees in a space of development, you are actively depreciating the long term value of your company.

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Begin Here Now

Who you are is how you lead. Leaders may see compassion as an inconvenient necessity, but for Jesus, compassion was embedded in His character. I care. And there have been times when caring has cost me too much. When caring too much caused pain, I pulled back. A constant tug of war of trying to…

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Hi, I’m Dezi. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m a Mom, Leadership Coach and Tech Creative who loves to create beautiful things. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful family, I love writing about my fascination with business, leadership, technology, entrepreneurship and living a positive life!

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